Bamboo Papermaking Experience

Bamboo Papermaking Experience

On the third Wednesday of every month, we conduct a bamboo paper making experience.


1) Bamboo Papermaking Experience:
    Postcard and Wallpaper (size: about 40 CM x 60 CM)
    * Let’s make my own Postcard.
   (You can use it for picture letter, japanese paper collage, calligraphy, watercolor painting.)

2) Wallpaper pasting experience:
    You will try to paste the Japanese Bamboo paper on the wall.

3) Visit bamboo fiber production site and visit bamboo grove:
    We will take a tour of the bamboo forest managed by Chikurin50

◆ Preparation: Towel
◆ Target; Anyone can participate.
◆ Participation fee: 1,500 yen (participation fee, teaching materials etc)
◆ Capacity: 5 people
◆ Organizer: Chikurin50

【Time and location】

Date: 3rd Wednesday of the month
Time: 13:00 start, 16:00 end
Place: Yui no kai  ”結の会”
2-1211 MotoHachioji Machi, Hachioji City

※ If you wish to transfer, please contact us.
  (Pick up servise is available at the North exit of JR Takao station.)

Masato Watanabe
Mobile  : 090-3543-2467
TEL      : 042-646-2633

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【Application form】

    【Access】Place : Yui no kai  ”結の会”

    結の会 193-0826



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